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The Next generation of Hospitality Marketing and Customer relationship management is here. The Hotel Place is revolutionizing the way hotelier’s create their unique Internet identity and engage with their customers.  

The Hotel Place is a leader in Internet hospitality marketing and customer relationship management and has successfully guided leading hospitality companies in developing winning marketing strategies programs. The Hotel Place’s ROI-centric methodologies have helped deliver immediate impact to our customer’s business. Through our innovative approaches, our customers have realized higher revenues and greater customer loyalty.

The Hotel Place has developed a unique methodologies and technology platforms that our clients have an Internet presence that establishes an unique identity, and captures the attention of their customer and potential customers. Additionally, with the integrated marketing and customer relationship tools, The Hotel Place developed web sites enable our clients to develop a highly personalized relationship with their high value customers and reach new customers.

Web 2.0 and Social media has brought a revolution in new web technologies, user interaction opportunities and content generation. The Hotel Place has developed our technology from the ground up for Web 2.0. This enables multiple channels of interaction for our clients with their customers, and allows them to promote their brand in new and creative ways.

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